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Funky Flora Seeds  began out of curiosity for the unusual. Desperate for the prize of having "The world's hottest chilli " The Caroline Reaper  in 2018,  it felt impossible to find a plant, let alone a seed.  Thus began the insatiable hunt for the illusive. Our search has ranged from the world of hot chillis- the variety explosion of which there seems to be no end- to other weird and wonderful plants. The dancing plants. The carnivorous. The gigantic. The multicoloured- from edible, to vine....our passion for finding, and growing, the funkiest of plants has grown. 


It is our dream to keep finding, and propagating the most unusual fascinating. hilarious, or helpful plants. Some- like the medicinal/ethnobotanical heal the body, and mind. Other plants help heal our souls- simply by doing what comes naturally to them. Watching the weirdness of these plants, has to make us smile!  Knowing that we helped seed, propagate and grow them, almost makes us want to laugh!


Our mission is to provide quality seedstock/ bulbs/ tubers/ seedlings or young plants to help you enjoy partnering in this delight in nature. We also supply a variety of other products to help you with the growing journey. 

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