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Are our Seeds Gmo Free

Due to the fact that we have a wide range of exotic seeds we can not guarantee. That they are all Gmo free

Are our Seed Organic

Unfortunately for various reasons are seeds are not organic we will peruse going organic in the future.

Where are we located and are visitors allowed

Funky flora seeds Farm is located in Centurion how ever due to various factors we do not allow visits to the farm. We are in the process of finding some one who can supply our seeds that allows site visits.

How do we prevent cross pollination

At funky Flora Seeds we strive to give you pure genetics however this is very hard to do due to cross pollination. At funky Flora seeds we prevent cross polination with various methods. For our tomatoes we put pollen bags over every single flower thus preventing both pollen and birds from getting hold of our tomatoes. For our chilis we have put up pollen walls in our green houses. 

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