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30 strawberry pop corn seeds. Strawberry pop corn also known as Zea mays 'Strawberry'. It is a unique type of popcorn with kernels that have a bright red color, resembling that of a strawberry.The strawberry popcorn is a novelty variety that is primarily grown for its unusual appearance and its potential use as an ornamental plant. When popped, the kernels turn white, similar to other popcorn varieties. However, the flavor of the popcorn may be slightly different from traditional popcorn due to the genetic variation.Like other types of corn, the strawberry popcorn requires warm temperatures and a long growing season to mature. It is typically grown as an annual crop and can be planted directly in the ground or started indoors and transplanted outside once the weather warms up.If you are interested in growing strawberry popcorn, it is best to consult with your local agricultural extension office or gardening center for specific growing instructions tailored to your climate and soil conditions.

Strawberry pop corn